Don't just say Happy New Year, PLAN it!

Eric jots a few notes onto the whiteboard during our planning session.

Welcome to 2013. As always, the beginning of a new year offers us, both in our personal and business lives, a time for reflection. Many of us take time to review our goals and discuss opportunities for growth and renewal while planning how to make the coming year as big a success as possible.

At poloDesign, we managed to take some much needed time off over the holidays. And while the break was appreciated, work was never far from our minds. As 2012 was in its final days, we turned to our whiteboard and began to map out some of the areas of our business we wanted to focus on for the new year. These included setting sales goals for the different services we provide, discussing expenses, reviewing our business processes and the tools we use, as well as examining our use of various social media platforms. We then made decisions about how to move forward in accomplishing our goals.

Use Mind-Mapping Exercises to set Your Course

We've found these whiteboard brainstorming sessions to be useful in the planning process and have begun incorporating them into our work with clients. Penny recently took the whiteboard to a client meeting to assist in mapping out the beginning stages of a website project. All parties involved found the session to be of great value as it allowed stakeholders to contribute their ideas for the project and to see how the different pieces might fit together. This resulted in a clear understanding of how the project would proceed and a series of next steps for those involved.

As much we all seem to resist it, the beauty of planning is that you can bring targets into focus, make decisions about how to accomplish goals and assign tasks as needed. While reviewing the state of our own business for 2013, it was encouraging for us to identify 28 clients whom we are currently actively involved with. These are either clients whose projects are in process or those which we are quoting on.

Periodic Reviews Keep You on Track

As you can imagine, with such a large number of clients it's important to be able to assess where we're at with each individual project so we can make certain we're on top of things. Regular reviews and discussion of next steps is essential. This means that the planning process is not a one-time exercise done only at the beginning of the year. No matter how formally or informally you do it, it's important to make regular periodic assessments of your business to ensure you're on track to reach your goals.

The main thing, as is so often said in business, is to have a plan and work it. We're looking forward to what 2013 has to offer as we begin to put our plans into play. How about you? Have you made plans for your business?

If you'd like to discuss how poloDesign's online web services can help you accomplish your business goals for 2013, then please get in touch, we're just a phone call or email away.