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Brand Identity and Logo Design

One of the keys to success in business is developing a clearly defined brand identity. Why is branding so important? Simply put, because your brand is a 'promise' made to the consumer. It establishes in the minds of customers what they can expect from your business. This can relate to such things as quality, price or experience. In essence, your brand is who and/or what your company is and it has the potential to inspire two things in a consumer: trust and loyalty. Any business can sell the same products or services as another but it is who/what a company is, what it does, and how it does those things which influences a customer’s decision to try a company out or to continue buying from it.

Before beginning a logo design process, poloDesign recommends that the company's or organization's principals and staff participate in a brand identity workshop to reflect on, review and clearly define its brand. Even for established companies, performing a periodic brand identity exercise is useful. It can help re-focus attention on the core values or essence of a company’s brand and can remind all stakeholders about that promise which is central to the brand. 

A brand identity workshop consists of interactive exercises, discussions, and a brainstorming session focused on key fundamentals of the business, exploration of how those fundamentals are delivered, and an examination of the marketplace and the positioning within the market which the organization wishes to occupy.

Once we have a clear sense of the company's focus, we create a number of logo concepts and develop one of those concepts into a complete logo design. A full branding package consists of files in a variety of formats for print and  online use as well as guidelines for proper usage.

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