Keep your site up to date with a CMS

One of the best ways to keep your website ranking well in search engine results is to update your site by adding content regularly. Google and the other search engines love to see recent content and by consistently adding news items and blog posts that contain your keywords, you can improve or at least maintain your ranking. Without a content management system, this requires a knowledge of HTML or some kind of interface that allows you to connect with your website.

Manage your website with CMS Made Simple

CMS Made Simple logoA few years back, we investigated a number of different content management systems, searching for one that would be easy for our clients, who often don't have any technical knowledge about websites, to add text and images. We looked at Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and many others before settling on CMS Made Simple. This full-featured open source software met our needs perfectly - an active developer community, well-built modules for expanding on a lightweight core system and able to handle both small and large sites. With CMSMS, we can add a blog, calendar, image gallery, ecommerce and much more to your website. Because it's modular, extra functions can be added at any time, allowing us to create your site in phases to meet your budget needs. Most importantly, CMS Made Simple makes sense to our clients and lets them feel in control of their websites.

WordPress logoBuild a following with a WordPress blog

Not everyone needs a full-blown website; perhaps a blog is the best way to promote your business. In that case, we can build your site with WordPress, a popular free software system created especially to meet the needs of bloggers. We can help you choose a suitable theme, customize where necessary and add plug-ins for extra functionality.

No matter which system we employ, we provide full training so you'll feel confident to promote your business online.