creative strategy

Creative Strategy

thinking about creative strategyAs an entrepreneur you never expected opportunities would simply fall in your lap. You know that success in business comes as a result of careful planning, smart choices and hard work. Yet, you're often too busy working in your business to spend so much time working on it too. And, even though you understand the need to advertise and promote your business, doing that isn't your strength. If it were, you'd be a marketer instead of pursuing your passion.

Where can you possibly find the time to develop and write a marketing or communications plan? How do you put together a multi-media advertising campaign? Do you really need all these social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Foursquare, and who knows what else? Do email newsletters and RSS feeds really work?

An outside perspective can be helpful in assessing the bigger picture with regards to your business communication needs. Let poloDesign develop a strategic approach to focus your attention on what's most important in promoting your business. 

We understand the strategy of linking all your various promotional elements. For instance, building an attractive, search-engine-optimized website with rich content is only a starting point in promotion. You'll need to include references to your website on all your print materials and advertising. You'll improve your chances of being found in Google results by adding new content regularly. And that social media stuff? You'll use it to lead people to your website and ultimately to your real world location to make a purchase. poloDesign can guide you in making the choices that are best suited to helping you promote your business and reach your goals.