Logos & Graphic Design

You're a small or medium-sized business owner or manager with a product or service to sell. There are people out there who want to buy. In a competitive market place you need to stand out from the crowd. We'll help you find and connect with potential customers to develop awareness and promote your offers. poloDesign is a full service creative agency with the graphic design knowledge, experience and skills to help you communicate effectively both online and in print.

Is graphic design really so important? Studies suggest that 90% of all information coming into the brain is visual. 

Your clients respond to good graphic design when it marries text and images to present a unique, impactful message that communicates clearly and directly to the right audience. From branding and identity materials to brochures and advertising, poloDesign will create a cohesive look for your company.


Whether your business is in the start-up process or is looking to re-brand, we can design strong graphics to help define your company's brand identity. We'll work with you to choose elements such as corporate colours, create a distinct logo, and develop graphic and visual motifs. Our goal is to communicate your company's unique values and make it immediately recognizable. Read More


We work with local printing companies in the Quinte region and can develop concepts, create designs, and deliver finished products for all your print marketing and promotional needs. From business cards to brochures, flyers to mugs, or posters to post cards, we'll help you develop and maintain brand consistency while reaching customers with carefully crafted messaging that delivers positive results. Read More


If you're attending a trade show, convention or business exhibition, poloDesign can help. We'll design graphics and supply you with the most durable retractable banners and pop-up displays on the market such as Banner Bug or Expolinc.


Want to look your best in your local newspaper or a specialty magazine? We'll design your eye-grabbing, action-inspiring ad layout to meet the intended publication's specifications. Best of all, we can adjust the ad layout to fit other publications should you wish to do an extended media ad campaign. Read More