group of business people standing in a line

Which of these clients are you?

Scenario #1: You're ready to go with your new venture. Your business and marketing plans are in place, you've lined up your funding and you're ready to invest at least $5000 in your future. You need a logo design, a business card, a brochure, a website (maybe including e-commerce), a social media presence and an online marketing strategy.

Scenario #2: Your start-up years are behind you, business is good, you've got a strong customer base and you're ready to expand. The website your neighbour's nephew built is out-of-date and you don't know if people can even find it, let alone whether they visit. And what's all this about social media?

Scenario #3: Your business is well-established and highly regarded by your customers. Your website was cutting edge when it was built but it's now five or six years old. You send out emails to clients to announce new products but you don't know if they even read them. You keep hearing that you should be on Facebook or Twitter or whatever social media is the flavour of the day, but neither you nor your staff have the time, knowledge or burning desire to figure it all out.

If any of this sounds familar, your situation is just like many of the clients whose businesses we've helped to launch or grow through identity packages, websites, email marketing, social media and online marketing.

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