A Note About Pricing

Talking about money so early in a relationship always seems so crass, doesn't it? We think so too. Instead, we want to talk about value and what good communications materials are worth to your business.

You've invested a lot of time, tears and sweat into building your business. You operate your company in a professional manner and you give great value to your clients. People trust you to deliver. But how will a first-time client know all that?

You need to show them.

Your communications materials require the same level of care as you give to your clients. A clip art logo on a home-made website won't cut it.

A logo is one of your most important business assets. It's often the first impression a customer gets of your business and it says a lot about the kind of business you run. It needs to look as professional as the business itself and assure new clients that they are in good hands. That should be worth something to your business, right?

Your website is where a prospective customer gets a stronger impression of your company. It's where you get to demonstrate that you understand your clients' needs and can provide what they're looking for. It needs to be attractive and look up-to-date, but more importantly, it must let your customers feel confident that hiring you is the best decision they'll make all week. Your website needs to convince that potential client to take the next step and get in touch.

Every type of communication you send out, whether it's a brochure, an ad, an e-book, a radio commercial or a Facebook post, needs to convey the same story - that you can deliver what your client wants - in a consistent voice. Doing that successfully requires the development of a strong message that can be adapted for various uses. 

That's where poloDesign comes in. As a creative agency, we need to understand your business in order to develop that message and carry it through all your communications. We spend a lot of time talking with you to understand who you're trying to reach, what they need and how your business delivers. We do our own research to understand your clients, both demographically and psychographically. We look at your competitors and see what they're up to so we can craft a unique message that sets you apart. 

We explore various approaches to create a logo, visual branding materials and written communications that immediately convey your value to potential customers. We write website copy that resonates with your customers and hits all the right notes with Google and other search engines. Social media strategies, special offers and advertising campaigns may be part of the marketing mix and we make sure your message comes through clearly in each medium. We tie it all together through your website with landing pages for campaigns, links to your social media platforms, image galleries to demonstrate your work, and of course, those all-important calls to action that elicit the customer's call or email. After that, it's up to you.

Does all this cost a bit? Yes, it does. But don't let that scare you off.

We work with our clients to set a budget that is realistic and that will meet your needs. Sometimes that means completing a project in phases to spread out payments, or starting small with a website and adding modules as the business grows. In our experience working with lots of different clients, no two projects are the same. It all depends on what you're prepared to invest in building the business you want, both in the short term and the long run.

Are you ready to take the next step? Let's talk.