Website Design & Development

You know you need a website for your business; after all, people have been telling you this for quite some time. And they're right. Today's customer is far more likely to use the internet to find you and make purchasing decisions over any other method.

Or, perhaps you already have an older website and wonder if it's really helping you anymore?

Your online storefront

A website provides your business with an online presence 24 / 7 / 365. When potential clients find you online, you want their impression of your business to be favourable. Your website should portray you as a professional company with solutions best-suited to your customers' needs. An attractive, content-rich, search-engine-optimized, functional and easy-to-navigate website reinforces your credibility and appeal. This helps convert visitors into customers.

A pretty website design which does not come up in Google searches or has little content to inform or educate consumers about your products or services, is of little value to your business. Your website should be current and up to date. It should reflect your company's brand properly. And it should be a central component in your creative or marketing strategy. Ultimately, your website must inspire visitors to email, call, visit your location, or to purchase from you online.

Know how your visitors find you

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to understanding your website users' behaviour. Understanding the keywords and links that bring people to your site, the pages they visit and the actions they take gives you immediate and measurable insights into what your customers want. Traffic analysis lets us know how well your site is working so we can fine tune on a regular basis. That's why we include advanced statistical tracking as a standard feature on all our websites.

Reach your clients where they are

The desktop is dead. Well, not quite, but with tablets and smartphones in everyone's hands, your website is likely to be viewed on any type of device. It should look as good and be as easy to read on a small screen as a cinema display. That's where responsive web design comes in.

Web design that fits your business

We don't just purchase a template and slap your content into it. poloDesign works with a wide variety of clients to develop custom websites that suit the individual needs of each business. The choice of web design solutions can be as varied as: